Observations of a Physician

Health care professionals share their views on Calorad®.

Calorad : Observations of a Physician. By Arnold Popkin, M.D.

I have been a physician for 31 years specializing in ophthalmology. I became interested in bariatrics two years ago. I had gained about 30 pounds in my forties and fifties despite eating what everyone would say was almost a perfect diet, low fat, vegetarian, and I exercise three to five times a week quite heavily. I lost 30 pounds two years ago on my own. I became fascinated with the subject of weight and decided that I was going to make this a special interest. I spent the last two years learning everything I could about the field of bariatrics, including joining the American Society of Bariatrics. I was introduced to Calorad® in late May by my best friend who has a Ph.D. in nutrition and has taught nutrition at a medical school in Ohio. I went to a meeting in Pennsylvania on Calorad® in June. I started taking the product myself that day and my whole staff, my wife and family have been on it.

I personally didn’t have that much weight to lose; in fact, I didn't think I had any to lose when I started. But, I lost four pounds and one notch in my belt in the first two weeks, and have lost two more notches in my belt since then. My weight has been pretty good, I'm only 17% body fat.

I have close to three hundred people on Calorad® since June. I find the fascinating thing is that everybody seems to react differently to it, in an individual way. I'd say about 20% of my patients seem to get a very rapid loss of weight and inches within the first one or two weeks, and the rest of them are much slower and steadier. I actually have mixed emotions about the rapid weight loss and inches. On the one hand, people are usually very excited about it, but on the other hand I think some of them expect to get that same rate of change forever and I don't think that occurs. I think there is a very big, dramatic change and then it may be steadier. I believe we have to encourage our patients that this is normal, that they don't have to expect this great change consistently, as long as it keeps changing in the right direction. We have found, and again I emphasize, that it is definitely the inches over the pounds that are reduced first. We demonstrate this with the body-fat analyzer showing the fat coming down. We strongly recommend that our patients measure their bodies from the various places on the chart, to measure the inches. We find that some people have a great resistance to doing this. For some reason, as much as we can tell them how important the inches are, there seems to be resistance. We try our very best to make sure that they do this because some people won't notice the difference that they're getting unless they do measure it. They think that they can tell by their clothes being looser, but some of them have been fooled when they actually do the measurements. They say, "my goodness, I've lost 7 inches and didn't notice it." So, I'd like to emphasize this.

The common response I hear in the first week or two is much improved sleep and greater energy during the day. I'd say there are maybe 80% of the people who say this - some dramatically. Some people that come in have a sort of radiance and will tell you that they feel better than they have in years. I call it the special Calorad look. They know that they are doing something for themselves and that is very special. You can almost see as they come through the door who the ones are that are going to say that.

..I think safety is not even a question here. This is a very safe product as far as any serious thing to your heart, lungs, brains, kidneys, etc. I have total confidence in the safety of Calorad® and the efficacy is turning out to be very good. Although not 100%, certainly the great majority of people are getting very positive results.

The thing I'd like to mention is that many people are amazed that they are losing the inches because they are not suffering, they are not restricting their diets, they are not starving, they are not depriving themselves, they are not going crazy with super exercise, and yet, this does seem to work despite not having to do all the things they’ve done before to try to lose weight."

Incredible Results

Pharmacist and Wife Experience Incredible Results...

My name is Anne Carey, age 45 and I have been a juvenile diabetic since age 6. I presently take insulin four times per day and have been on insulin for 39 years. I also had high blood pressure. Fortunately, I am married to a pharmacist, Brian, who helps me monitor my medications and has done so for the past 23 years.

I was introduced to Calorad® by a woman in the health and beauty field that I respect. I thought it sounded far too good to be true, while at the same time wondering, but what if it is true? Brian immediately began to examine Calorad® and concluded, “It could do no harm. Calorad® could actually help you rebuild your connective tissue.”

We both immediately began taking it each night before bed, on an empty stomach. Within two weeks, friends who had not seen me during that length of time asked if I was working out and commented that I looked great, even younger. I began to realize that I was not the only one seeing my results with Calorad®. My body felt like I had been literally shrink-wrapped, and my skin felt incredible.

Even more amazing, during the third week on Calorad®, my blood pressure tested at 90/60; and my husband suggested that my blood pressure pill was not necessary that day. We have monitored my blood pressure three times per day for 15 weeks and it has remained within normal limits without my having to take any blood pressure medication. My blood pressure was elevated by a hormone secreted by the kidney due to my diabetes. Obviously, Calorad® was working internally on me, as well as externally.

When I began on Calorad®, I did so just to see if the claims were true about losing inches while you sleep. Since I was a size 10 already, I was thrilled to see within 12 weeks I had lost 36 inches overall body size, including 2 inches under my chin, 4 inches melted off my waist and 6 inches off my hips. Since I knew that I was building muscle, I was not really expecting to lose much weight, surprisingly I had lost 9 pounds. Brian also experienced incredible results and has lost 25 inches overall, including 3 inches off his stomach and is equally as thrilled with Calorad®.

My friends tell me I look 10 years younger and I do! Over the past four months, I changed nothing in my life except to take Calorad® and the results are magical. Calorad® was the missing link that my body craved to rejuvenate, energize and rebuild itself. I have never seen a transition in myself that was so simple, yet so very profound.
- Anne Carey, Clearwater, FL

Doctors take a closer look


“I’ve been using Calorad® with patients for one year. In addition to the very positive effects from the perspective of weight loss, as a health practitioner, the most exciting effects are the other health benefits that I’m seeing with patients. I believe Calorad® is an excellent nutrient to support the cartilage systems of the body and in the process aid the body to release long held toxins from many locations. Further, I believe it supports the body to have increased stamina and energy, both because of the building going on and because of the nutrients contained within it. For all those reasons, I highly recommend Calorad®.
Dr. Wolin, Chicago, Illinois

Testimonial from Bernard Auslander

Testimonial, from Bernard Auslander  “I am so excited! I am compelled to tell everyone about what has been happening to me since I have started taking CALORAD. Three days into the product I noticed a four pound loss and my pants were a little loose on me. Four days later, I lost four more pounds and I had to keep pulling my pants up, even with my belt on tight. Two and a half weeks since I started, WOW! I had lost only nine pounds but my pants were so big on me that for the fun of it I put on an old pair of pants size 34 that I couldn’t get past my hips just a few months ago. They went on very tight, so I decided to measure my waist. Since I was weighing every day I thought I should document my waist size also. I couldn’t believe it. 38 inches??? I asked my wife how many inches she thought I lost from my waist and she said at least 4 to 6 inches!! If I lost 4 to 6 inches and my waist was 36, how could my waist now be 38? My wife had that glazed over look in her eyes and answered, “honey, I have been buying you size 42 pants and I have been taking off the labels so you wouldn’t feel bad.” So…I went from a size 42 to a 36 in just two and a half weeks…and I don’t believe anything my wife tells me anymore. I am diabetic and couldn’t keep my blood sugar levels in check no matter what I did, but now by glucose readings are so low my doctor took me off Glucophage, which I was taking three times a day. Two weeks later he cut my Glipizide from 20MG a day to 5MG. My blood pressure has lowered over 15 points and my doctor said if it gets any lower he will take me off of the Procardia XL, which I take for high blood pressure. I feel so strong and so full of energy. I’m getting up before the alarm every morning and because I don’t get tired I go to bed about two to three hours later than I usually do, putting about five more hours of productive time into my day. I love this product!!!”
Bernard Auslander, Los Angeles, CA

Testimonial from Carla Baron

Testimonial, from Carla Baron

“It’s been four months since I started on Calorad. It wasn’t so much that I needed to lose weight, but I was sort of pear shaped, with small breasts and larger hips. I sit at a console station doing my radio show all day, so I don’t get to exercise the way I used to – bike riding three times a week. Now I’m lucky if I get out once a week. Yet I’m much more toned, with harder muscles than I ever had. I don’t watch the scale. I think they keep you from losing body fat because you get so hung up on the weight. Since I wasn’t watching, I didn’t realize how well I was doing, except I felt so good. My muscles were definitely toning up. My breasts are fuller and better shaped, my rear smaller and tighter and my legs are reshaped, with the cellulite all but unnoticeable. My producer says that every week he sees me looking better and better. The hyper-critical guy I used to go out with saw me and had to admit that I really had firmed up in all the soft spots he used to criticize. I finally realized what was going on when I sat in Indian fashion for the first time in along time and really saw my legs and how they had shaped up. My skin tone has improved, it’s not crepey like it used to be. And even though this is a totally effective inch loss and weight loss and muscle building product, I have to say that my immune system is extremely effective since I began taking it. I got over a cold in just two days. I also took a bad spill at the tanning salon and the bruise, which would have been huge and taken two weeks to clear up before, is tiny and almost gone in one day. I recommend Calorad to most of the listeners who call into my radio show.”
Carla Baron, Los Angeles, CA



FORGET YOUR SCALE! Calorad® users sometimes gain a few pounds of muscle while losing fat since muscle mass is, in equal volume, heavier than fat. As a sign of weight loss, we recommend you do not use your scale but instead use clothing or a belt. No matter what you decide, you will no longer be a slave to your scale!

 Why Calorad® over any other product on the market?

 It helps in increasing the daily intake of vital nutritional elements in order to stay in good physical shape. Composed of essential and non-essential amino acids, Calorad® helps you lose weight, to fabricate muscle tissues, to restore your natural collagen and to promote the self-repair of tissues.Collagen is an essential component of tendons, joints, ligaments, hair, muscles… it makes up about 30% of our body. With age, internal biochemical processes slow down and the production of collagen is decreased, affecting skin clarity and the firmness of the whole body.Every day we are exposed to irritating environmental factors that weaken our system and age it prematurely. Our body then produces less collagen which let wrinkles develop, accelerates the weakening of muscles and connective tissues, and modifies the fat/muscle ratio. These degeneration processes continue until you give your body an adequate supplement. Calorad® helps us naturally restore our collagen by giving our body specially selected elements that are easily absorbable.