Michel Grisé's Calorad MG Story (Collagen Protein)

How it all began...

In 1986,a lot of research has lead Michel Grisé to investigate and understand the possibility of enhancing collagen production through a daily intake of a special composition created to help the human body to fight a progressive decrease in collagen production. An essential component of the human body, collagen is proven to support tissue reconstruction, to increase general good health and to maintain physical youth.

In 1988, while undertaking research, Michel felt the need to modify his daily habits and diet. He decided to become his own guineapig in order to test his product. It only took a few weeks for him to notice that he had lost fat in favour of a significant gain in muscle mass, and his general health was increased. This discovery drastically changed his life: he was finally able to participate in physical activities, which he had been unable to do in years. Not only was his product natural, easy to administer and required only a small dose, it also had no side effects!

His entourage noticed the amazing positive effects that his product had on his daily routine, health and shape. Many of his friends and family members wanted to experience the benefits of this exceptional product. At the time, no one had a clue that it would become a landmark in health products and dietary supplement. In a short period of time, word of mouth had its impact and more people, that Michel often didn't know, knocked on his door asking for the 'miraculous' product.

In 1989, Michel had experienced, enjoyed and understood the amazing benefits that his formula had on his entourage and followers. His objective was fairly simple: he wanted as many people as possible to benefit from the virtues of his natural product.It is at that moment that Michel Grisé officially launched it under licence and that mass production and distribution began. Grisé's name and his amazing Calorad became known internationally and Calorad  was sold in many industrialized countries such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Poland and others. Since then, Calorad has become a major phenomenon and has millions of users.

Calorad is now the most powerful protein supplement in the world market. It provides a perfect chain of amino acids to support your body in many critical areas: fat loss, assistance in rebuilding lean muscle mass, help with the restoration of the body's collagen base and providing balance to the metabolism. Calorad is an amazingly powerful body sculpting and health supplement.

Calorad will improve your sleep, help you attain your ideal shape, give you more energy and make you feel great. Calorad is the best tool to help you achieve your ultimate goal: the total well being of your body and mind.

Calorad will make you live the dream, and so, for the first time you will be shaped, refuelled, healthy, ahead, bright, beautiful, pure, successful, authentic and much more. 

12 years ago Michel Grise formulated Calorad MG in capsule form containing the same collagen formula. 


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